Saturday 25th of May 2024

Marvel Rivals Code May 2024 Still Active! Lots of Prizes You Can Get!

Marvel Rivals Code May 2024 Still Active! Lots of Prizes You Can Get!

-- – Hero shooter games are an increasingly popular genre of shooting games. Unlike other shooter games, hero shooters carry the concept of selecting characters or “heroes” who have unique abilities and weapons. One of them is Marvel Rivals, let's see the following explanation!

The main thing that distinguishes hero shooters from ordinary shooting games is the presence of heroes. Each hero has its own characteristics, ranging from roles such as tank, support, damage dealer, and flanker, to special skills or abilities that can change the course of the game. Not only that, the weapons used can also vary, from the mainstay pistol to high-tech futuristic weapons.

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About Marvel Rivals

Marvel Rivals is a new hero shooter game that takes you into exciting and action-packed 6v6 team battles. Choose your favorite characters from a variety of Marvel superheroes and create an unbeatable team. Use unique powers and combine skills to defeat your opponents in destructible arenas across the Marvel multiverse.

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Marvel Rivals Code May 2024

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