Monday 15th of July 2024

Latest Update Warframe Jade Shadows in 2024, Spoilers a New Quest and All New Mods

Latest Update Warframe Jade Shadows in 2024, Spoilers a New Quest and All New Mods

-- - The Jade Shadows update has been a topic of conversation in Warframe for the past few months, but today is finally the day that fans on all platforms the looter shooter is playable on can actually play the content themselves as Jade Shadows is fully released.

Jade Shadows is titled 57th Frame Jade, a new character that will evoke the solemn yet melodic hymns of a choir while wielding a new bow, a new scythe and new throwing knives. We're not sure what kind of choir Digital Extremes' developers have seen, but they sound pretty metal.

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Warframe's Jade Shadows update comes with a lot of new content that is immediately interesting. The new cinematic quest is great for those who have caught up with the story so far, the latest frame Jade is a great support frame, and all the new weapons make it easy to master or possibly some new tools for your arsenal.

However, one aspect that isn't talked about much can have a big impact on your builds. Here are all the new mods introduced with Warframe's Jade Shadows update.

New Mods Jade Shadows update for Warframe

Not many mods were introduced with this update, but four new augment mods are available for Protea, Sevagoth, Dagath and Qorvex. Each of these can be inserted into the frame in question to change one of the frame's abilities, give it more functionality or completely transform it. Here is each mod, along with what it does:

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