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How To Earn 100 Dollars A Day On Crypto For A Fastest and Easy Ways, Hands-on Practice!

How To Earn 100 Dollars A Day On Crypto For A Fastest and Easy Ways, Hands-on Practice!

-- - If you're like many cryptocurrency holders, then you've probably found that cryptocurrency trading and investing can be very lucrative, but also very time-consuming and often stressful - due to the constant need to track your portfolio, capitalize on opportunities, and manage your positions.

But what if you just want to earn passive income without all the headaches that come with staying on top of the markets at all times? Fortunately, there are now dozens of ways to do just that, by utilizing your crypto assets to generate profits behind the scenes, freeing up your time for more important things.

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Here, we look at seven ways you can put your crypto assets to work, helping you generate exciting passive income potential with little to no input or management required.

  1. Automate Your Savings

Just as regular currency can earn interest when deposited in a savings account, crypto assets can also be deposited into various platforms to earn returns.

Some of these are centralized cryptocurrency savings accounts, such as those offered by Nexo, BlockFi, and - these typically use your funds to provide over-collateralized loans to institutional borrowers. Likewise, many exchanges, including Binance and Huobi allow users to earn returns on their cryptocurrency deposits.

Others are decentralized savings platforms, such as Orion Money and Anchor, which allow you to earn interest on your stablecoin deposits. And Yearn Finance and Autofarm, which automatically move your funds between different DeFi products to maximize your returns.

  1. Build Your Wealth with Ethereum

Ethereum (ETH) needs no introduction in the cryptocurrency world, as it is the second largest crypto with a market capitalization of $225 billion. What do you think has contributed to Ethereum's exponential growth in value? The answer is simple: the potential to generate a high return on investment and providing various avenues for passive income. Among the most profitable methods is staking ETH tokens.

ETH tokens hold significant value in the crypto market, making staking a highly profitable endeavor. It offers an impressive annual percentage yield of around 6.3% - 7.31%. By choosing a reputable and credible crypto platform to stake your Ethereum tokens, you can even earn an additional yield of 1 or 2%.

Always remember that cryptocurrency staking provides greater returns compared to depositing money in a traditional bank. In addition, staking yields increase based on the market value of ETH tokens, giving you the opportunity to earn more through saving rather than relying solely on trading!

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