Monday 15th of July 2024

Infiniti Car Sales Drop 14% in Q2 2024, But New Infiniti QX80 Could Be Another Story

Infiniti Car Sales Drop 14% in Q2 2024, But New Infiniti QX80 Could Be Another Story

-- - After years of neglect, Infiniti dealers have something to look forward to as the redesigned QX80 arrives later this month. When it arrives, it will start at $82,450 and give the brand a much-needed boost.

It can't come soon enough, as Infiniti's aging lineup is about as attractive as last week's tofu. The numbers tell the story, as Infiniti's second quarter sales were down 14.6% compared to a year ago. As a result, the luxury brand has only sold 14,123 units in the past three months.

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The year-to-date figures aren't much better as they are down 13.2% compared to a year ago. With only 28,027 units sold in the first six months, Infiniti is miles behind competitors like Cadillac (73,906) and Lexus (134,383).

Infiniti's best-selling car in the second quarter was the QX60, as the three-row crossover sold 7,081 units. It was followed by the QX50 (2,587) and QX80 (2,243). The old Q50 is still hanging on even though it only generated 1,442 sales.

The Infiniti QX80 was a dinosaur hiding in plain sight. Despite its fancy packaging, the outgoing version of the full-size luxury SUV had old bones dating back to the 2011 QX56, which became the QX80 for the 2014 model year. While the last generation began long ago, the redesign at the time helped redefine Infiniti's flagship from a remodeled Nissan Armada to a viable option in a segment with stalwarts like the Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator and Range Rover. History repeats itself with the 2025 Infiniti QX80, which debuts today with a new generation that's been a long time coming. Not only does its grand appearance attract attention, but so do its prices, which can now exceed $100,000 but are more in line with the competition.


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