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How To Play Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC, Use The Following Guide So You Don't Have To Wait Long

How To Play Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC, Use The Following Guide So You Don't Have To Wait Long

-- - Elden Ring has an open world that is both exciting and terrifying, so it's hard to know what to do first or where to go as a beginner.

Elden Ring's backstory (some of which was constructed by author George R. Martin) is intentionally shrouded in mystery and intrigue. A distant place known as the Lands Between was once ruled by Queen Marika and her offspring, drawing their power from the mighty Earth Tree and a golden order known as the Elden Ring.

But things quickly went awry when a secret plot was hatched and mysterious agents stole the Elden Ring and killed one of Marika's children - Godwyn the Golden. These events caused Queen Marika to disappear and in her absence the demigod children waged war against each other, but no victor emerged, causing the lands between them to crumble under the unending conflict and the Ring of Fire and the golden order it upheld to be shattered.

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While the details remain unclear, it's up to you to hunt them down as one of the Tarnished - a people long since driven from the Lands Between. Only you can stop the demigods, retrieve the great runes they carry and reunite them to become an Elden Lord. How you decide to do it and what alliances you can make or break along the way.

Much of the Elden Ring's story isn't told directly to you, and you'll need to gather clues from items, characters you meet, locations you discover, and bosses you defeat.

Firstly, FromSoftware recommends that players let their characters reach levels 120-150 before trying the DLC. During our preview, we were given prefabricated characters at level 150 with fully upgraded weapons, and we were still challenged.

Speaking of weapon upgrades, it's a good idea to upgrade your best weapons as high as possible before venturing into the Shadowlands in the DLC. To do so, you'll need common and dark forge stones - make sure you get or buy enough by securing all the miners' bell stores that allow you to buy forge stones and dark stones from Elden Ring suppliers (especially War Advisor Iji in northwestern Liurnia and more so Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold). It's a good idea to stock up on forge stones, as you'll want to upgrade some of the over 100 new weapons you'll find in the DLC.

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