Monday 15th of July 2024

Warframe Jade Shadows Patch Notes July 2024, Release date, Quest, Skills and More

Warframe Jade Shadows Patch Notes July 2024, Release date, Quest, Skills and More

-- - The official patch notes for Warframe Update 36.0 have gone live, documenting all the changes in the latest Jade Shadows update. In addition to a new quest, this patch adds several fundamental changes to the base game, including a rework of status effects and major adjustments to enemy health scaling and resistance.

This update is possibly the biggest since the popular hack 'n' slash ARPG came to mobile, and it includes some great new additions. You've got a new Warframe, mission types, cosmetics and much more.Jump in now to find out what's on offer or read on to see what to expect!The biggest addition and namesake of the update is of course the 57th playable Warframe; Jade.Along with three new weapons, the Evensong bow, Cantare throwing knives and Harmony scythe, Jade can heal allies and damage enemies, summon debuffs and destructive ultimate abilities to seal her enemies doom.

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In this article, we go through all the new features and changes in Warframe Update 36.0 (Jade Shadows), as documented in the official patch notes.


In moments of despair, let the battle reverberate with song. Dive into the long-kept secrets of the Origin system with our new Ascension game mode, Operation: Belly Of The Beast and the latest cinematic Quest that reveals a secret long held by Stalker.

Jade Shadows also brings our 57. A glorious herald of both life and death, Jade, an arsenal of her glorious weapons awaits you, ready to fight what lies in the darkness.

Discover new Warframe Augment Mods, Yareli Pandea Skin Bundle, new TennoGen and much more! We've also packed this update with reworks and QOL - read on to learn all that Jade Shadows has brought!

Update Download Size:  ~1.15 GB

Total Warframe Download Size: 39.5 GB

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Be captivated by the song of destruction. Through her, the jade light can be a source of destruction or a source of support.

How to get your hands on Jade

- Complete the Jade Shadows Quest: Jade's blueprint is rewarded when you complete the quest.

- New Ascension game mode - Brutus (Uranus) Drop Tables: Jade's component blueprints have a chance to be rewarded in the new Ascension game mode on Brutus, Uranus (more information in the "New game mode: Ascension" section below).

- Ordis "Release Vestigial Motes" shop in the Larunda Relay: Jade Blueprints and Component Blueprints can be exchanged for Vestigial Motes via Ordis in the Larunda Relay on Mercury (more information on Vestigial Motes can be found in the "New Game Mode: Ascension" section below).

- In-game market: Jade and her collection can be purchased on the in-game market for Platinum.